That Was Awkward

Posted in Relationships on November 13th, 2014

I’m a bit of an awkward person.

Last week I was staying in a nice hotel on South Beach, in Miami. One night I ventured to the pool. I swam, talked with a towel boy, tried not to watch a couple make out, and pondered whether or not I should really become a wedding makeup artist Manchester.

My hair still dripping a bit, I left the pool and made my way to the elevator. Of course I ended up riding alone with a really hot guy – I’m talking Edward Cullen hot – who was staying in the penthouse. You know that awkward silence when you’re in an elevator with a stranger? Yeah, I wasn’t having that. I broke the silence as proof of my awkwardness escaped through my lips.

“Crap, I’m dripping.” He looked at me strangely and responded.


“Yeah.” And I walked out. I should have taken the stairs.

Old Garbage, New Life!

Posted in Property on November 11th, 2014

It was senior year and Sarah still had to fulfill her Art requirement. Painting seemed relatively interesting…that must be why it was full. Mixed-media it was.

The first day arrived. The class went by rather slowly and ended with an assignment to create a mythological being out of recycled or re-purposed materials. Sarah wondered where she would get any of that, she barely went out of her way to recycle a bottle.

That afternoon, she walked on the beach and collected sea glass like she always did. Sea glass! Couldn’t that be considered “re-purposed”? She picked up a piece and headed home to tap her collection. Some inspiration and just over an hour yielded something quite beautiful: a mermaid made of sea glass and twine. Recycled glass media became her trademark, and from that sprung a mission to re-purpose. Not only for her art, but for the environment too.

Dropping medications for a more natural approach

Posted in Therapy on November 8th, 2014

I recently had a horrible accident. I was traveling to visit family. While I was there one of my family members asked me to grab something from the attic. I fell off the ladder and landed awkwardly on a television.

I started having all kids of health problems. I went to the emergency room and the ex-rays showed that I had a spinal cord injury. I had surgery but am still having several problems. The surgery actually seemed to make it hurt worse.

In my neck on of my discs is pushed out and putting pressure on my spinal cord. I started having seizures.I have pain and headaches. None of the medication seems to help. The headaches I have are almost unbearable.

I have been seeing a neurologist now for several months now. I am now considering acupuncture Manchester. I am tired of feeling like a zombie from the medications. I have talked to several other people who have tried it and are really happy with the results. I am open to anything at this point especially procedures that do not involve medication or surgeries.

Clutter never sleeps; it’s also a health risk!

Posted in Property on November 3rd, 2014

Yes folks, there actually is a disorder called compulsive hoarding. And if you’re currently onboard that “living hoarding” train, you have over two million companions keeping you company. This common and unhealthy conundrum can include food, pets, magazines and newspapers or even medications.

The symptoms are fairly transparent. Living hoardings people hoard or hide what they believe to be their own personal “possessions” finding it nearly impossible to discard or part with them. Actually hoarding can also include vehicles that have been parked in your driveway or grass lawn and not driven since Clinton was president. And in some cases hoarding can invade a person’s bedroom and closet to the point where “clutter” is so piled up, you’re relegated to sleeping in a chair or living room sofa, if you can still locate it. Medications are often the most used treatment for hoarding; some respond well, but others do not.

Broke Down After a Desert Party

Posted in Property on October 29th, 2014

It never is smart to cut across private property at night. It was late, but when my friends and I broke down at a desert party, our options were limited. We were miles from the freeway, so we had to trek through the dirt roadways, that eventually brought us to the government canals at the edge of the city. We were still miles from the main city lights, so we decided to cut across some barbwire fencing. This allowed us to cross a farm field, one that appeared to be mostly used for livestock, probably horses and cows. We made it almost a quarter mile across the field, but our luck had run out. My buddies and I heard the sound of a shotgun. We thought we were dead, especially when two of us were hit. As we ran, it became obvious that we had been shot with rock salt.

Brighten up your garden

Posted in Gardening on October 28th, 2014

A few years ago I spent an afternoon at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show and saw a display of award-winning evergreen instant hedges. Ever since that day, I’ve always wanted to have beautiful thick hedges just like that around the front and back gardens of my house all year round. So recently, when I came across a wonderful variety of evergreen hedges at my local garden center I couldn’t wait to order mine and get planting.

If you choose an instant hedge that has been created from the right type of shrubs, it’s an awesome way to add an evergreen element to your garden. After all, who wants to spend several months a year staring out onto a dry and dead-looking garden if you don’t have to? Choose a yew, laurel or holly hedge, for instance, and you will end up with a beautiful green garden all year round.

My Plans For The Future

Posted in Health on October 25th, 2014

I am 21 years-old, and while other people are out partying, I am planning my future. I am young, but I have learned that life moves very fast. That is why I believe that it is very important for people to start planning and preparing for the future early. I am currently taking venepuncture training courses so that I can earn my phlebotomy license. I will be done very soon and will have completed one major life goal.

I want to work as a phlebotomist for at least two years so that I will be able to get some experience. After that, I want to attend a technical college and get my nursing degree. One of my goals is to become a pediatric nurse. After I earn my nursing license, I want to work in a pediatrician’s office. Additionally, I eventually want to get married and start a family of my own.

New Age Healer

Posted in Alternative Medicine on October 22nd, 2014

Last year this time, I hurt my back. Lets just say, I was trying to be an over achiever at the gym. My doctor said I’d sprain my lumbar disc and that It would take a few weeks to recover. This was very discouraging, because I’d had a trip planned the following month. I was worried I’d might not make it. A friend of mine stopped by to check on me, we had been friends for the last three years, since I started working at the law firm.

I was in severe pain, so she told me to turn and lay on my stomach. She begin to rub her hands together, and breath. I thought this is very strange, but that was no surprised. She was always very New age spiritual. She began to gently rub my spine, and hovered her hands over my lower back area. I finally was freaked enough, to ask what she was doing. I thought she was performing some type of spell, or prayer.

She told me it was the ancient practice of channeling energy to heal. She called this reiki Auckland. I went along with it, and for the next 15 minutes she continued. I told her it probably wouldn’t work for me, as I grabbed my cup and walked into the kitchen. I got some wine from the bottom cabinet. She said really? Where you able to walk earlier? I stood in shock, because I could barely even sit up this morning, and I was pain free.