New Age Healer

Posted in Alternative Medicine on October 22nd, 2014

Last year this time, I hurt my back. Lets just say, I was trying to be an over achiever at the gym. My doctor said I’d sprain my lumbar disc and that It would take a few weeks to recover. This was very discouraging, because I’d had a trip planned the following month. I was worried I’d might not make it. A friend of mine stopped by to check on me, we had been friends for the last three years, since I started working at the law firm.

I was in severe pain, so she told me to turn and lay on my stomach. She begin to rub her hands together, and breath. I thought this is very strange, but that was no surprised. She was always very New age spiritual. She began to gently rub my spine, and hovered her hands over my lower back area. I finally was freaked enough, to ask what she was doing. I thought she was performing some type of spell, or prayer.

She told me it was the ancient practice of channeling energy to heal. She called this reiki Auckland. I went along with it, and for the next 15 minutes she continued. I told her it probably wouldn’t work for me, as I grabbed my cup and walked into the kitchen. I got some wine from the bottom cabinet. She said really? Where you able to walk earlier? I stood in shock, because I could barely even sit up this morning, and I was pain free.